The storefronts are getting suspiciously festive, the radio is suddenly only playing jingles, and your neighbor’s been hauling out obnoxious decorations from storage; it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. And it’s not that you’re bummed, I mean your grandma usually gives you a little cash to help pay for rent and your office is suddenly abuzz with company party rumors, but you’re just a little unprepared. It’s not about the presents (you’re a good gift-giver), it’s not about the food (you could handle a few extra pounds), but it’s about something a little more personal: You don’t have a Christmas party outfit. Mind you this conundrum isn’t for lack of clothes, but a Christmas outfit seems to tread the fine line between fun and formal, and that’s why we’re giving you the answer to all your problems: OppoSuit’s Christmas party outfit collection.

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Multicolour
  5. Red
  6. White
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  1. Men 22
  2. Women 9
  3. Teen boys 6
  4. Boys 6
Size Boys Suit:
  1. 2Y 6
  2. 4Y 6
  3. 6Y 6
  4. 8Y 6
  5. 10Y 6
  6. 12Y 6
  7. 14Y 6
  8. 16Y 6
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Size Men's Suit:
  1. UK36 / EU46 22
  2. UK38 / EU48 22
  3. UK40 / EU50 22
  4. UK42 / EU52 22
  5. UK44 / EU54 22
  6. UK46 / EU56 22
  7. UK48 / EU58 22
  8. UK50 / EU60 22
  9. UK52 / EU62 22
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Size Women's Suit:
  1. UK08 / EU34 9
  2. UK10 / EU36 9
  3. UK12 / EU38 9
  4. UK14 / EU40 9
  5. UK16 / EU42 9
  6. UK18 / EU44 9
  7. UK20 / EU46 9
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Embracing Our Crazy Suits

Don’t be deterred by the loud prints and funky designs of these Christmas outfits! Sometimes all you need is to go big or go home and we’re telling you, going home is not an option on Christmas. Just think of all the places you can confidently debut this Christmas party outfit. Maybe you would start off the night making casual conversation with co-workers at your office Christmas party, then you would head down to your parent’s house to indulge in a feast, and finally ends up enjoying your vacation with friends at a bar. This all sounds like a pretty routine holiday, but we think that including one of our Christmas outfits will up the ante for a festive and fantastic holiday experience.

Formal and Festive Suits

Slipping into one of our Christmas party outfits will give you both the ability and authority to jump from a formal party to a casual holiday hangout in one fell swoop. You won’t have to worry if the shoes match the slacks, or if the bow-tie is an over-kill. Whether you decide on something red and green or one of our ugly Christmas sweater designs, you’ll be as dapper as you are festive. These Christmas outfits fun enough and formal enough to make you comfortable in any situation. You’ll make a name for yourself in the office, while giving your friends a good laugh at their apartment.

Our favourite Christmas Party Outfits

Starry Side: We all wish for romantic weather on Christmas eve so that we could cozy up to our crush and get the sparks flying. So, nothing is as romantic as wearing a suit emblazed with twinkling stars… along with some pictures of the Death Star… This suit is all about showing your love for Christmas together with your love for Star Wars. So maybe you won’t get the girl, but you’ll be surrounded by fellow Star Wars fans begging you to reveal where you got such an awesome Christmas outfit.

Quilt Pleasure: This mash-up of familiar and cozy quilt designs is sure to put a comfortable twist on your holiday experience. Being wrapped up in this Christmas party outfit is like getting a hug from all the quilts your grandma would knit when you were a kid. But no worries, you’ll still look as dapper as ever in this Christmas suit.

Festive Green: Every good Christmas story starts with an ugly Christmas sweater and this suit is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Embrace the middle school side of yourself that wore ugly Christmas sweaters for the entire month of December without all the awkwardness in this debonair Christmas sweater suit.