Be sure to give your bachelor friend an awesome stag party, because it’s the very last day he can celebrate life as a free man. For that reason, it should be a once in a life team experience, with at least hot people, activities you normally wouldn’t do and – very important - awesome stag outfits. He deserves it. With our striking stag suits, your outfits can be funny, stylish as hell and easy at the same time!

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Whether you go gambling, enjoying a pool party or do something else, with our stag suits on, things are definitely about to get crazy. If you want it to get even crazier, we recommend suiting up the whole party crew. High fives, fist bumps, flirts and serenades guaranteed. And who knows what more will happen…

Don’t worry about your lovers getting jealous. Because it’s a bachelor party (friends only!), they have to stay at home. And the best thing is: our stag suits are machine washable, so you can return home without leaving a trace of the party. The only thing your partners have to see is a few cool pictures of the beginning. We’re sure all they will say, is: “wow, I love your stylish stag do suits!” Winning. Just enjoy, please. We won’t tell anything to anybody.