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St. Paddy's

At OppoSuits, we’re pioneering the next frontier in Christmas attire with our very fun, very festive Christmas jackets! Perfect with a pair of slacks or jeans, these blazers will make any outfit worthy of Christmas.

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When it came to constructing the men’s Christmas blazer it was a no brainer. We’d already mastered the art of the crazy suit, it was now about channeling all that festive energy into a Christmas suit jacket. This new line of Christmas blazers is tailor made for the comfort and style of the customer. With intense focus on detail, design, and fit our line of men’s Christmas blazers have that uncanny ability not only to imbue the wearer with Christmas confidence, but to add a festive twist to any outfit whether it be with suit pants, sweat pants, or no pants. We have a “go big or go home” policy at OppoSuits, one which out crazy suits embody perfectly, but with this line of men’s Christmas blazers, we’re giving all of you a “go half-big or go home” option. Not every occasion calls for an entire Christmas themed pants, jacket, and tie ensemble, but with the Christmas blazer you have the freedom to dress you outfit up or down all while staying true to the festive holiday season.

To show you how versatile out line of Christmas suit jackets is, we’ve put together a list of the most opportune places for you to debut this astounding piece of holiday fashion:

To the holiday office party: This one is easy. When you’re looking to spice up the corporate Christmas party, perhaps try on one of our Christmas jackets to add some cheer to an otherwise drab affair.

Your family dinner: Yes, you’d prefer to be in pajamas when you sit around the dinner table eating your special Christmas ham-turkey-quail feast but have some respect for the holidays (and for your mother who cooked this wonderful meal), by dressing it up in one of our Christmas suit jackets.

Out grocery shopping: We’d like to remind you that our Christmas jackets can double as any type of jacket, so if the weather is a little chilly, but doesn’t call for a parka, why not throw on this festive statement jacket to bring a little joy to all the boys and girls down at the grocery store.

To sleep: There’s a real beauty to the art of sleep attire and we think this Christmas jacket truly hits the nail on the head. Who says your slumber can’t be the most cheerful one in the world. There’s no researching backing our claim that wearing this Christmas suit jacket to bed will help you feel more restful but take our word for it. You’ll thank us later.