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St. Paddy's

Wearing one of these Christmas suits will definitely make you the shining star of Christmas. Also, don’t be surprised if Santa gives you extra presents because he likes your Christmas suit so much. We at OppoSuits have taken the Christmas clothing game to a whole new level with this collection of ugly Christmas sweater suits. It’s the most wonderful time of the year where we could all use a little more fun in our formal wear — and what’s more fun than a Christmas suit?

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A Christmas suit is exactly what you need

Deck the halls with hangers of ugly Christmas Suits, because this holiday season is going to be a big one. Your favorite ugly Christmas jumper has seen you through seven years, nine holiday parties, six drunken messes, and one unfortunate bread pudding fiasco. And you’re mourning the outfit, the comfort of a reliable, holiday-appropriate attire that you assumed would take you to kingdom come. Unfortunately, your mum’s dog had other ideas, and everything went downhill from there. Now it’s time to toast a new holiday favorite in one of OppoSuits’ men’s Christmas suits. Full of holiday spirit and all the ugly jumper goodness you’ve been missing, this Christmas suit is exactly what you’ve been looking for to get the holiday party started this Christmas.

We can’t guarantee these Christmas suits will give you any help on the dancefloor (or with the ladies for that matter), but what we can ensure is the dapper levels of your outfit will go through the roof! They said if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but we say, to hell with convention. These men’s Christmas suits are an innovation unto holiday attire. This sartorial enigma is exactly what you’ve been searching for to add an extra element of cheer to your holiday experience. These formfitting ugly Christmas suits are the perfect blend of fun and formal – an ensemble you could wear from the office party to your family dinner (and then out to the pub, obviously).

Be unique with a Christmas Suit for men

Don’t be deterred by our oud prints and unique designs. These Christmas suits are only for the brave-hearted, which is to say, really anyone can give them a try. We could all use a little fun in our formal wear and these ugly Christmas suits will do just the trick. And if you ever dreamed about becoming part of the holiday party décor, then this is a sign from God that one of these men’s Christmas suits is for you. So, whether you’re getting wild at the office Christmas party, having a Home Alone marathon with your best mates, or spending a night out on the town, do it in style and holiday spirit with OppoSuits’ Christmas suits.

Our favourite designs
Let’s highlight some of our favorite designs: Quilty Pleasure: You want a suit that’s at once formal but also reminds you of your youth. Your childhood Christmases were all about sitting by the fire, warming up with a cup of cocoa, and wrapping yourself in the quilt your grandma knitted for you ages ago. This is also what you did when your girlfriend dumped you. Feel the same comfort in one of our crazy Christmas outfits.

Starry Side: If our festive Force suits are too over the top for you, go with something a little more understated but just as nerdy. We know you love the crossover been your favorite movies and your favorite holiday, so may the force be with you this Christmas when you slip into this outrageous outfit. And who knows, maybe you’ll wear it to the next movie premiere.s!

You get the full suit!
Yes, you get it all: the jacket, pants and tie! It’s simply all you need when you want to mix a colourful appearance with quality and style this Christmas.

The quality of our products is very important. All our suits are made of open woven, high quality polyester which allows to suit to breathe and gives it a natural feel. Besides the use of quality materials we’ve add practical features for the wearer to make sure our suits have a stylish and comfortable fit.

Our suits have a slim fit cut.

For all the ladies out there who like to dress up differently this year check out our Women's Christmas Suits