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Are masks and one size fits all costumes not exactly your style? No worries. Just wrap yourself in one of our stylish Halloween suits. Designed for the gentlemen that still want to maintain a sense of style while wearing a creative Halloween costume.

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You need a Halloween Suit this year

There’s a ton of press surrounding Halloween. 10% of that involves trick-or-treating, 20% are spooky outdoor decorations, and the overwhelming 70% goes to extreme Halloween costumes. And you’re absolutely not having it. Who was the genius that decided it would be a good idea to have adults traipse around dressed like a Finding Nemo character for a night? It’s a downright abomination! And you mentally hang your head in shame every time you recall those momentary lapses in judgement when you went along with you friends and dressed up as a member of their tacky group costume. (Those Facebook photos still haunt you to this day.)

OppoSuits is here to provide the perfect costume without being a costume: our very debonair, very festive men’s Halloween suits. It’s about time you found a happy medium between dressing up for the holiday and not feeling like an overgrown child. These Halloween suits will see you from your office holiday party straight to the pub where your mates are already on their fifth pitcher.

A few ways to suit up for Halloween 1. The debonair route- This ensemble requires a certain type of elegance while still embracing those iconic Halloween staples, like the purple-orange combo, bat themes prints, or even a costume styled as a suit. While you’ll still be embracing the holiday spirit you won’t feel immature when surrounded by badly dressed Doctor Who fanatics and Sherlock enthusiasts. This category includes Halloween suits like Black-O Jack-O, The Joker, and our very popular Harry Potter™

  1. The spooky route- While you’re not at mental liberty to start splattering your clothing with fake blood, you can’t help but be a little jealous from all the blokes sporting some gory costumes. Therefore, we’re delighted to present these spooky men’s Halloween suits for the perfect blend of fun and formal. While you can appreciate the fit and the feel of this suit you’ll still fit right in with all the bloody zombies roaming the streets looking for a free sweet. This category includes suits like Bloody Harry and Zombiac to completely fulfill your fun/formal needs on Halloween.

  2. Skulls, skulls everywhere: Skulls are such an iconic symbol of Halloween that we just decided to make it its own category. Maybe you don’t want to be solely debonair, or solely spooky, you want to be somewhere in the middle of the spooky debonair category, and these skull Halloween suits are the in-between you’ve been looking for. Don’t compromise on fit or spirit this Halloween in Haunting Hombre, Skulleton, or El Muerto

You know when you purchase one of our men’s Halloween suits you’re getting the best in fit and fashion. Every one of our Halloween suits is meticulously designed and manufactured with the customer in mind. We’re not simply creating suits to be displayed on mannequins. We encourage you to chase adventure in these suits, because if the sky is the limit when designing them, the sky is the limit when you’re wearing them. Happy Halloween from all your friends at OppoSuits.