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St. Paddy's

Oktoberfest in Munich the world’s largest beer festival and has inspired numerous similar events around the world. Understandable, if you ask us. Who doesn’t love a tradition that involves your mates, unlimited beers, sauerkraut and hoempapah music? Whether you travel to Germany or you celebrate Oktoberfest at a local beer party in the UK, one thing is certain: for a beer festival you need an appropriate outfit. The first thing that probably comes to mind are lederhosen, but we think we’ve found a better alternative: an Oktoberfest suit. It covers the Bavarian dress code, but with a modern twist to it! Take a look at our suits below.

Suit up with an Oktoberfest suit and we’ve definitely got you covered in the style department. The only thing left for you to take care of, is to practice your glass-raising skills whilst singing German ‘Schlagers’. Because in an Oktoberfest suit, your friends will expect you to be the life of the party.