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Maybe you’re a bit disappointed you never became that superhero you wished you’d become when you were a child. But don’t grieve too long, because you can now come closer than ever to being one, thanks to our superhero suits.

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Official licensed Superhero Suits
Whether you’d like to be the hero or the villain, anything is possible with these official Marvel and DC suits The suits are based on the most iconic Marvel and DC characters, so anyone will recognize which superhero (or antagonist) you are in just one glance. Due to the stylish fit, the superhero suits are great for many occasions; from Comic Con to theme parties and from bachelor parties to Halloween. So, yes, it’s time to show off your super powers by wearing one of these superhero suits on your next occasion. Showing your nerdy side was never this classy.

BTW, already thought of wearing these Marvel and DC costumes as a group? Since many superheroes work together, you could dress up as a few members from for example The Avengers or Justice League to protect the public together. Or dress up like a fighting duo, like Batman and The Joker. We’re sure you guys will turn heads!