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Do you think it’s hard to find Halloween costumes for women which make you look good and scary at the same time? After you’ve seen our Halloween costume for women, probably not anymore. We at OppoSuits understand you want to follow the Halloween dress code, but still want to show your sense of style. Our killer suit is so sexy that it’s scary, and furthermore, it’s a very comfortable and easy outfit. And Our Halloween costume for women is machine washable, which means you don’t have to worry about getting stains on your costume. Essential for you as an assassin, right?

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A little style to your Halloween suit

You’re tired of all the girly costumes you’ve been forcing yourself to wear these past few Halloweens. When you were a kid maybe you looked cute dressed as a butterfly, but now… not so much (no offense). You’ve plowed through them all. There was the nurse costume, the cat costume, the group costume where you were all a different Will Ferrell characters (you’re still a little traumatized from that). But you’re over it. You’re not a little girl now, you’re a woman damn it, no matter how much that term makes you sound like your mother, and you won’t be caught in a costume that makes you feel a day under sixteen. That’s why at OppoSuits we’ve created a line of women’s Halloween suits that simultaneously empower you while still allowing you to indulge in your childish side.

These Halloween suits for women are the perfect blend of fun and formal. You’ll be able to take one of these suits from the office to your ex-roommate’s Halloween flat party. And with the stretch pencil skirt and formfitting jacket, you’ll be golden (and comfortable) the entire night. When you slip into one of our Halloween suits for women, you’ll understand what it means to feel powerful in a flattering ensemble. So watch out boys, because you’re not the only ones who can rock a suit! And while our suits are at the height of fashion, you’re getting the best in form and function, because these suits are the spookiest a Halloween outfit has to offer.

If putting together a seven-tiered Halloween costume or just wearing a mask isn’t enough, then these ready-to-wear women’s Halloween suits are exactly what you’ve been searching for. We’ve perfected the fit, we’ve perfected the patterns, and these suits are tailormade with our customer and Halloween in mind. Never sacrifice comfort and fashion again when searching for a costume to trick-or-treat in. Throw away that bulky banana suit and that skin-tight cat jumpsuit, because we’re revolutionizing what it means to dress up with our Halloween suits for women.

Our favorite women’s Halloween costumes

Harlequeen: While there’s been a huge uptake in the number of Harley Quinn costumes as of late, we know you’re looking to stand out in the crowd. This women’s Halloween suit is current while still being totally individual and on target for an awesome Halloween costume.

Flamingirl: While Halloween is stereotypically chilly and dark, let’s cut through the scary in one of our sunniest Halloween suits for women. You’ll be a ray of pure sunshine when you wear this costume on the scariest night of the year. So get those sunglasses on, because you’re coming in hot!