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The decorations are going up, the radios are starting to play the jingles, and the time has come for you to secure one of our festive Christmas outfits. When you (or your little gentleman) put an OppoSuits Christmas outfit on, you're sure to receive many compliments. With our collection of Christmas outfits for men, Christmas outfits for women, baby boy Christmas outfits, couples Christmas outfits and, family Christmas outfits, there’s an ensemble for everyone to celebrate the holiday in style. Go all out for the Christmas attire!


When it comes to dressing for the holidays there seems to be some confusion. Can you get away with going totally casual? Do you need to dress super formal (bowtie and top hat included)? Should you try to define business casual and then build a Christmas outfit around that? We’re here to diffuse the confusion in the air with our collection of Christmas party outfits. Our Christmas suits are the simple solution to the perfect Christmas attire.

With the most festive designs and Christmas themes, these suits are made for the confused dresser. We believe in go big or go home and these Christmas outfits don’t give you the option to do anything other than go big. Whether you decide to rock our Christmas outfits for men or decide to channel your inner Mrs. Clause with our Christmas outfits for women for the ultimate Christmas experience!


Our Christmas outfits for men consist of men's suits that come as a complete set: with matching trousers, blazer, and tie. We have a wide range of Christmas outfits for men. Whether you like Star Wars, bold colors, or a more subtle print, the choice is yours. Get dressed from head to toe in Christmas attire! You can also choose a Christmas outfit for men with shorts and short sleeves. Perfect for men who get hot quickly, but still want to look stylish in a suit. You can also wear one of our solid-colored shirts under your jacket or add fun Christmas pins to your outfit to create an even more festive look.

Our collection of Christmas suits for men was born out of creativity. Should you wear a suit? Should you go business casual? Whether you want to dress it up with little reindeer or make a statement with a classy star suit, you’ve got the entire OppoSuits team behind you to make your holiday experience as crazy as these Christmas outfits for men. Our team is dedicated to getting you, a professional Christmas lover, the best in quality and fit for an outfit that’ll take your holiday experience to the next level. You’ll be the life of the party, even though you haven’t slept in three nights from wrapping presents. Dressing to impress means that you find Christmas outfits for men that are perfect for the right occasion, such as a Christmas party.


Are the holidays approaching and are you looking for Christmas outfits for women? Whether it's a Christmas drink at your office or a dinner with your family, we have the right look for every party. The style of your Christmas outfit for women depends on the occasion and the company. For example, do you have a nice Christmas Eve with your best friends or a Christmas drink at work? Here you can find stylish Christmas outfits for women. Our Christmas outfits for women come with a matching jacket and pencil skirt. Our collection offers stylish Christmas outfits in different colors and designs. This year, step out of your comfort zone and dress in a Christmas suit for women.

When it came to creating Christmas outfits for women, we knew we needed to cook up something particularly special. We needed a design that was both comfortable but bottled the festivities of the holiday. Our result was our line of crazy Christmas suits for women. The vision behind these Christmas suits for women is to balance the line between fun and formal so that you get the best of both. Which color and print do you like best? Do you want to create an extra feminine look? Then combine our Christmas suits with beautiful pumps. But one thing is for sure: with all these nice Christmas outfits for women, you’ll come in the party mood.


Do you have a small man in the family? They too can come to Christmas dinner in style this year, as we also have a collection of Christmas suits for boys (2-8 years) and teenage boys (10-16 years)! We’ve heard stories of kids who’ve never taken their OppoSuits suits off after Christmas… And honestly: what’s more relaxed than your kid being content during Christmas? Probably the best Christmas gift a parent can get. So, spoil your little boy (and most of all: yourself!) with a baby boy Christmas outfit.

The suits for the youngest members of the family are also supplied as a complete set: with trousers, jacket, and secure clip-on tie. Because they can of course also appear at the Christmas dinner in a stylish baby boy Christmas outfit. Our suits will certainly enhance the Christmas spirit! Many celebrities like Blake Griffin, Jimmy Kimmel, and Chris Hardwick agreed with us; they celebrated Christmas in our suits.


For everyone who wants to look at least as stylish as their relative this year, we have family Christmas outfits. This way you can match your outfit with your love, sister or mother and completely go along with the latest twinning is winning trend. A great sight is guaranteed if you do an activity together in the same family Christmas outfits!


Are you and your partner in the mood for a great Christmas party? Choose matching couples' Christmas outfits this year. If you fit seamlessly together at the Christmas party, it will be clear to everyone that you really belong together! Because who doesn't love a fun-themed party? Make it a party with our fun, funny and stylish couples Christmas outfits.


Our suits are made in many different sizes. You are guaranteed that your Christmas outfit will fit well. Please note: all products have a stylish slim-fit design, so always measure yourself and then consult the size chart. When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size of the two.


The beauty of our Christmas outfits is their ability to traverse the line between formal and fun. Wear our outfits to the office and wow your co-workers with your commitment to the holiday aesthetic. Then debut it at your family’s Christmas dinner to give your siblings a good laugh. Conversely, get a whole group of friends to dress up in these Christmas outfits and take on the town. Be prepared for a little more attention than you are used to because these suits are sure to make you stand out! View our range and quickly order Christmas outfits in our online store.