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Onesies (pronounced: wan-sies) are all-in-one pantsuits consisting of one piece of fabric. Onesies are jumpsuits of soft material that you can enjoy lounging in. Onesies started out as loungewear and were created as an addition to the usually somewhat boring pajamas. In most cases, soft and comfortable material is chosen, which completely covers the arms and legs. It’s the ultimate comfortable loungewear to relax in. Onesies are mostly worn during a relaxing night or during parties as a fun and playful costume. At OppoSuits we are proud to add a new, super diverse collection of onesies to our extensive range.


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Finding the best men's onesies has never been so easy and fast; At OppoSuits you will find a wide range of onesies for men. Due to the diversity in our collection, you can choose from several models, prints, and colors of onesies for men. Do you prefer slim-waisted onesies or baggy onesies? Choose your favorite from our plain models of men's onesies or onesies consisting of multiple colors. At OppoSuits, men's onesies are made from comfortable and qualitative materials. Do you have a party planned and do you want to go all out? Then choose a statement piece and steal the show in our brand new men’s onesies.


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There’s something for everyone in our wide variety of comfortable, high-quality onesies for men. Our men’s onesies are built to last in extremely high quality, made with strong, soft fabric. Wear a men’s onesie to any occasion or just in the comfort of your own home. Guaranteed that whatever you show up in, no matter the occasion, the compliments will be flying! As onesies for men are more in style than ever, every holiday party host will be glad to have you invited when you show up in a festive onesie. Looking for a holiday suit instead of a onesie? Take a look at OppoSuits’ Christmas suits. Don’t have an occasion to wear your men’s onesie? Don’t worry - they do just as well, if not better, on the couch. That’s the weekend wardrobe sorted then.