e at OppoSuits have taken the Christmas outfit game to a whole new level with this collection of men’s Christmas suits. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a little more fun in our formal wear — and what’s more fun than these wonderful Christmas holiday suits? You can also take a look at our Christmas blazers.

Thinking about Christmas Suits

When you hear the word Christmas suit what do you think of? Maybe your grandpa dressing up like the big man himself in full red robe and white beard. Perhaps you reminisce about your first-grade teacher’s plethora of festive Christmas ties. You might even be thinking about your dad, not because he’s ever dressed up for Christmas, but because he could never match his socks to his suit and Christmas was the one time a year that your mother put her foot down (and subsequently his too) and picked out his socks. No matter what memories a Christmas suit may recall during the most wonderful time of the year, at OpooSuit’s our collection of men’s Christmas suits is geared toward helping you make new memories, crazy memories, festive memories with friends and family, all while dressed to impress in an ugly Christmas suit.

Dress to Impress With a Christmas Suit

Our collection of Christmas suits for men was born out of creativity and lack of holiday sartorial intelligence. Should you wear a suit? Should you go business causal? Should you pull a Christmas in July and arrive at your holiday party in flip flops? The answer to the last one is probably not, but you can’t deny, we’ve all stood in front of our closest scratching our heads wondering what’s appropriate for a classy Christmas party, or a holiday dinner with your girlfriend’s family. At OppoSuits we’re trying to change your holiday experience one ugly Christmas sweater suits at a time by putting an end to your dressing anxiety. The holidays are go big or go home, (just ask your neighbor Joe who went out of retirement to finance his outdoor Christmas decorations) and your holiday outfit should follow suit, literally. Whether you want to dress it up with little reindeer or make a statement with a classy star suit, you’ve got the entire OppoSuits team behind you to make your holiday experience as crazy as your suit. Our team is dedicated to getting you, a semi-professional Christmas lover, the best in quality and fit for an outfit that’ll take your holiday experience to the next level. Our out the (present) box designs and commitment to fun and outlandish patterns are what make these suits so great. You’ll be the life of the party, even though you haven’t slept in three nights from wrapping presents and you’ve basically become a glorified walking mug of coffee. This men’s Christmas suit may even surprise you with its ability to imbue you with such festive force that your Christmas confidence will go through the roof. What we need to remind you that dressing to impress doesn’t always mean getting decked in a shiny new tux to wow friends and family. Dressing to impress means that you find an outfit that’s perfect for the right occasion and a Christmas suits is, if you believe it, perfect for a Christmas party.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit

When putting together a collection of Christmas suits, we knew it was imperative to include an ugly Christmas suit to the mix. The inspiration behind the ugly Christmas sweater suit was all about nostalgia. We all remember a time when we curled up next to a roaring fire, or maybe a toaster oven, bundled up in a knit pullover with a gold-awful yet festive design. But that sweater of yours really went through the wringer, and even though you promised to only wear it one night a year whenever Christmas jingles started playing on the radio you always found excuses to take it out of the back of your drawer and wear it where it didn’t belong (like to your nephews Christening, or something). So to breathe some life into your childhood favorite, reinvent the classic ugly Christmas sweater with our ugly Christmas suit. While our ugly Christmas sweater definitely isn’t completely cable knit, you’re more than welcome to pretend it is because our apparel is just that comfortable. And unlike a sweater this ugly Christmas suit will never lose its shape, or its awesomeness. So, suit up in the most nostalgic thing since the Jurassic World reboot.

Let’s highlight some of our favorite men’s Christmas party outfits

The Rudolph: You want to put a chic spin on a classic Christmas party outfit with an ugly Christmas sweater suit. But let’s not offend your grandma because she’s been religiously knitting you Christmas sweaters since you were seven years old. Too bad she only knows how to knit solid colors, so the front of every sweater is blue and the back is white… and then you had to explain to her that you don’t celebrate Hanukkah, Skip the hassle of holiday color mix-ups with The Rudolph, a classy Christmas party outfit.

Twinning is winning

For all the ladies who want to look at least as stylish as the men in suits this year, we also have a collection of women Christmas suits. This way you can match your outfit with your love, sister or mother and completely go along with the latest ""twinning is winning"" trend. Do you have a small man in the family? They too can come to Christmas dinner in style this year, as we also have a collection of Christmas suits for boys (2-8 years) and Christmas suits for teenage boys (10-16 years)!