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All you’ll want for Christmas is this. Say goodbye to that old Ugly Christmas Sweater you’ve been wearing and say hello to our collection of brand new women's Christmas suits.

The real force behind Christmas

There seems to be some type of gender disparity when it comes to Christmas outfits. Why is the entire holiday governed by a fat man in an oversized red robe? We’ve all got a loveable grandpa (or know one at least), but can you imagine him stuffing himself down a chimney to deliver your presents? Furthermore, could we even imagine said loveable grandpa sneaking out of his bed late at night to eat the milk and cookies waiting by the tree… the answer to that is probably yes, but who wouldn’t? What we’re trying to say here is that, as a kid, the wonderful fictitious Santa might have kept you in line when Christmas rolled around, but who was the real enforcer of the naughty and nice list? Who put the elf on the shelf up year after year? Who was in charge of decorating the tree? Who prepared the entire Christmas dinner? Who bought and wrapped the presents? Do you see what we’re getting at over here? While the face of Christmas may be a big guy in an oversized red robe, the real force behind the most wonderful time of the year is women. So, follow our logic here. If Santa gets an entire ensemble, then the real face of Christmas should have a totally rad suit as well. Therefore, we present to you our collection of women’s Christmas suits for you to truly embrace the spirit of the holidays while running the show behind the scenes.

Will the real Christmiss please stand up?

When it came to creating a women’s Christmas suit we knew we needed to cook up something particularly special. We needed a design that was both comfortable but bottled the festivities of the holiday into a jacket and skirt. Our result was our line of crazy Christmas suits for women. This line of women’s Christmas suits will add a fresh spin on your blah holiday outfit whether you’re kicking it at your office holiday party or stuffing yourself at your family’s Christmas dinner. The vision behind these Christmas suits for women is to balance the line between fun and formal so that you get the best of both. It’s about time that you found a look that shows your holiday spirit, but also your undying dedication to the holiday aesthetic. After intensive review and study, we’ve discerned that you feel your best when you look your best, and there’s no better way to feel your best on Christmas than by dressing in the best of Christmas attire: one of our Christmas suits for women. Some may have reservations. They might tell you you’ll regret the over the top look. They might tell you to go for something a little more understated, like attaching a festive pin to your sweater. We say no to all the haters! If there’s one night a year to go big, it’s on Christmas, or else you’ve just got to go home. Think about it, the tree is big, the department store sales are big, the (fingers crossed) holiday bonus checks are big, so your women’s Christmas suit better follow suit, literally.

Fun and formal combined

There are a few different ways of expressing love for the holidays. Some people carol on the corner until their voices give out, some take out a second mortgage to finance their outdoor holiday decorations, some go Christmas tree shopping in July. Whatever tickles their fancy is totally cool with us. Now, you might love the holiday but haven’t quite found your niche to express it yet, that’s where the Christmas suit for women come in. This is a fun and festive way to express your love for the holidays, not to mention that you’re going to look damn good while doing it.

Our Collection

It wasn’t easy bottling all that holiday spirit into a jacket and skirt combo, but we’d like to highlight some of our very best creations to prove to you that we’ve gone above and beyond to make these women’s Christmas suits the very best in holiday attire: 1. Santababe: Nothing says Christmas like some red and green designs around the house. While your family may be preparing to weigh down the tree in 30 pounds worth of ornaments, you’ll be able to slip on a tastefully decorated ensemble that rivals the tree in spirit and charm. With the cartoon Santas, adorable candy canes, and little Christmas bells, you’ll be a real sight this holiday. 2. Winter Woman: Not to be confused with Wonder Woman, though that’s what you might feel like when you’re in this festive Christmas suit for women, this ensemble plays off the classic ugly Christmas sweater design. Some of us embrace the ugly Christmas sweater culture, some completely reject it, but you can’t deny, this updated version hits the nail right on the head. There isn’t a more festive outfit out there that taps into the Christmas sweater nostalgia (while still looking gorgeous) like this little number. 3. Christmiss: Is there a more iconic Christmas color than bright red? We realized that Santa is totally monopolizing this color, that’s why we knew it was imperative that we create a women’s Christmas suit dedicated to the festive color red. But this isn’t your run of the mill red suit, this one has little reindeer, snowmen and Christmas trees—we doubt Santa could rock such a festive suit! Also, don't forget to check out our full collection of Christmas suits and our Christmas shirts.