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Are you looking for an outfit to celebrate the 4th of July, to support team USA during the Olympics, or something to wear during the elections? Look no further. Our USA suits are more American than a bald eagle singing the Star-Spangled Banner on top of the Statue of Liberty.

Get your American flag suit!

Be ready to wrap yourself in red, white and blue and get your patriotic fashion game going in an American flag suit. Prove that all of those times you pledged allegiance in elementary school weren't just a bunch of dirty lies by wearing one of our USA suits. Our American flag suits come in patriotic patterns, solid colors to wear with friends, or short suits to stay cool at your annual barbecue.

Fourth of July suits

Fourth of July is all about family, about celebrating your country, about the number of steaks you can eat hot off the grill in 20 minutes. And what better way to do that than in America’s very own colors: red, white, and BRO! Take the time to spice up your Fourth of July with one of OppoSuits crazy American Flag suits. This red, white, and blue ensemble is the surefire way to show your deep patriotism as well as your passion for the free world. What’s more American than a USA suit? Slap a football in one hand, a beer in the other, and all the bald eagles within a 7 miles radius will suddenly drop to your shoulder. Celebrate it good! As a kid, the Fourth of July was the greatest day of the year. You had unlimited soda, time in the pool, and BBQ—what could be better? Now you can barely stand the fireworks (they hurt your ears), you wake up in a fog (from partying the night before), and your stomach starts revolting after dinner (from all those ices). We didn’t want to break it to you, but you’re getting old and the only way to remedy the situation is to make sure you look as young and hip as possible in a crazy American Flag suit! Make the Fourth of July the greatest day of the year again in red white and blue.
To prove to you how patriotic our crazy USA suits are, we made a list of all the things that are equally as American:
1. Moonwalking on the moon
2. Creating an entirely different measurement system than the rest of the world.
3. Having a bald eagle as a house pet.
4. Building a tank out of soda can boxes as a Walmart display.
5. Making a list of the things that are as American as our USA suits.