OppoSuits has a wide range of green suits for men and boys. There is a green suit that suits you in both summer and winter versions. Green is the favorite color of many people and of course, we had to translate this into a beautiful suit. A green suit is suitable for different occasions and depending on this you can choose a crazy green print or a suit in a pastel green color.


With a green suit for men, you always look good. Choose the Glorious Green suit if you are looking for a dark green suit that you can combine with a nice white or black shirt. With this green suit, you are assured that you look your very best. A green suit is incredibly timeless and ensures that you look stylish wherever you must go. Are you in love with green but are you looking for a green suit that is slightly lighter? Then we have the beautiful mint green Magic Mint suit for you! This suit is ideal for a summer wedding. With this suit, you will make a fashion statement.


OppoSuits wouldn't be OppoSuits if we didn't make sure you couldn't match with your son, brother, or nephew. That's why we also made the green suit in children's sizes. Match a festive occasion together and choose the Teen Boys Glorious Green suit or the Boys Glorious Green suit. Put away your boring clothes and go for a classy and stylish look with a green suit!


Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. In addition, green is strongly associated with safety and has great healing power. For the human eye, this color is extremely soothing and therefore it is also the ideal color for a nice suit. Whether you like dark, light, or pastel green, there is something for everyone.


There is also a great green suit for you in the summer! The Tropical Treasure suit gives a funny and personal twist to the black-tie dress code but also completes your festival look. With this cool new version of our classic Hawaii shirt, your outfit is fantastic. With a green suit in the summer, you will steal the show!


On the OppoSuits website, you can find a size chart for every green suit. This size chart contains the dimensions of the parts of the suit, so you can easily measure at home and see which size suits you best! If you are in doubt about two different suit sizes, we advise you to choose the larger of the two. Then you are assured that the suit fits! A comparison tool can also be found on our website. You can add the items that catch your eye. After you have added all your favorite items, you can go to the comparison tool. In this tool, you can see all items side by side, including the information and specifications. This way it will hopefully be easier to choose a green suit that suits you best.