For fans who enjoy their relaxation in the water, our OppoSuits Swim Shorts collection offers the perfect blend of striking style, functionality and comfort you need when spending your hot summers at the poolside or at the beach.

These loose fit swim shorts boast a variety of cool-looking, fresh, and unique themes, including vibrant neons, officially licensed collaborations and of course our timeless OppoSuits classics. Dive into fun and excitement and discover why the OppoSuits Swim Shorts are everything you need to take with you on your next holiday destination.

Pocket here, zipper there

Yes, swimming is great, but what if you want to grab a cocktail at the pool bar instead? Keep your wallet, phone and other gear in your hands? What a chore! Lucky for you, the OppoSuits Swim Shorts come equipped with two convenient frontside pockets and one back pocket. These handy pouches are designed with mesh lining and are equipped with YKK-zippers*, meaning you have plenty of room to store your belongings and can keep your hands in the relaxed position at all times.

OppoSuits Swim Shorts

Swimming, no strings attached

Okay – ONE string attached. But it’s a good one. With all swim shorts, comfort and ease-of-use are essential for the wearer. With the stretching drawstring you can adjust the shorts to fit you with maximum comfort. The shorts also have an elastic waistband that fits snuggly on your waist. All in all, you can be sure your beach bum stays protected at all times.

OppoSuits Swim Shorts

Quick Dry

Ever wish your swimwear could keep up with your spontaneous beachside plans? Transition seamlessly from the ocean to the beach club, because these shorts are crafted with a lightweight material that dries super fast, meaning you're always ready for action and your drip, never drips.